Saturday, August 30, 2014

OSCON 2014: Complete Video Compilation

OSCON 2014 - Today, it's not only developers, system administrators or organizations have use the Open Source. Businesses have established to use the Open Source as well. So, you can not ignore about Open Source. At OSCON, you'll encounter the open source ecosystem. It helps digging deep into the business of open source.

Five Reasons to Attend OSCON: Get straight to the epicenter of all things open source and get better at what you do, Learn from the best and make valuable connections, Get solutions to your biggest challenges that you can apply today, See the latest developments, products, services, and career trends and Hear it first at OSCON.

It's very good idea to attend the OSCON, if you missed OSCON2014. I mention OSCON 2014: Complete Video Compilation. You can download these videos or view them through our HD player, and learn about open source with more than 350 presenters, including Matthew McCullough (GitHub), Leslie Hawthorn (Elasticsearch), James Turnbull (Docker), Andrei Alexandrescu (Facebook), Tim Berglund (DataStax), Paco Nathan (Zettacap), Kirsten Hunter (Akamai), Matt Ray (Chef Software, Inc.), and Damian Conway (Thoughtstream) among them. In these videos, you are able to see a lot of tracks (Business,Cloud,Community,Computational Thinking,Databases & Datastores,Education,Emerging anguages,Geek Lifestyle,Java & JVM,JavaScript - HTML5 - Web,Mobile Platforms,Open Hardware,Operations & System Admin,Perl,PHP,Python,Security,Tools & Techniques,User Experience).

You will able to learn many tracks as I told you. Anyway, Oreilly has improved video streaming and downloading. Additional, it's very useful for playback speed control and mobile viewing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hands-On Programming with R by Garrett Grolemund

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.
R language is useful to become a data scientist, as well as a computer scientist. I mention a book that points about a data science with R. A Hands-On Programming with R Write Your Own Functions and Simulations By Garrett Grolemund. It was written how to solve the logistical problems of data science. Additional, How to write our own functions and simulations with R. In a book, readers are able to learn in practical data analysis projects (Weighted Dice, Playing Cards, Slot Machine) and understand more in R. Additional, Appendix A-E will help to install/update R and R packages as well as loading Data and debugging in R code.
Garrett Grolemund maintains, the development center for the Shiny R package.
Free Sampler.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Solid Conference San Francisco 2014: Complete Video Compilation

Solid Conference focused on the intersection of software and hardware. It's great community with Software and Hardware. Audiences will be able to learn new idea to combine software and hardware. It gathered idea from engineers, researchers, roboticists, artists, founders of startups, and innovators.
Oreilly launched HD videos (Solid Conference San Francisco 2014: Complete Video Compilation Experience the revolution at the intersection of hardware and software—and imagine the future) for this conference. Video files might huge for download. It will spend much time. Please Use some download manager programs for help.
After watched, I excited to learn some things new with it (Run times: 36 hours 8 minutes): machines, devices, components and etc.