Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How can I check master node on RAC?

How can I check master node on RAC?
That's a question about... and hope someone help about idea.

About me: I have RAC 4 nodes and need to know master node:

- Use ocrconfig -showbackup
Oracle backup OCR file automatic on master node, So check OCR backup information be able help.

$ ocrconfig -showbackup

node04 2009/07/21 23:10:38 /u01/oracle/product/crs/cdata/crs
node04 2009/07/21 19:10:38 /u01/oracle/product/crs/cdata/crs
node04 2009/07/21 15:10:38 /u01/oracle/product/crs/cdata/crs
node04 2009/07/20 23:10:36 /u01/oracle/product/crs/cdata/crs
node04 2009/07/08 11:10:14 /u01/oracle/product/crs/cdata/crs

that mean master node be "node04"

- grep -i "master node" ocssd.log | tail -1 at ORA_CRS_HOME/log/nodename/cssd/ path.
But perhaps not see in ocssd.log file.

$ for x in `ls -tr ocssd.*`; do grep -i "master node" $x ; done | tail -1
[ CSSD]CLSS-3001: local node number 2, master node number 4
Master node is node 4.

Or find "MASTER" word in ocssd.* files
[ CSSD]2009-06-25 12:08:36.994 [1231087968] >TRACE: clssgmEstablishMasterNode: MASTER for 86 is node(4) birth(75)

Hope to hear another idea;)


Martin Berger said...

do you know what makes the master special? by what properties is he different from the other nodes?
Being a master without any power is worthless ;)

Surachart said...

I have no idea to make the master special.

I'll find out about it;)