Thursday, February 24, 2011

McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git by Matthew McCullough, Tim Berglund

Git is a free & open source, distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
Every Git clone is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server. Branching and merging are fast and easy to do.
If we would like to learn about Git, we can learn from this video "McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git" by Matthew McCullough, Tim Berglund. This Video has 10 topics and shows us to learn the Git version control system through visual examples and step-by-step explanations. Experts Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund demonstrate how Git not only incorporates the best features of existing source control systems, but also includes unique distributed capabilities that make version control commands available without connectivity, allowing you to choose when to interact with a network.

What will we learn from this Video:
- Setting Up Git and Configuring Git
- Three Stage Thinking, The Git File Workflow and Speed
- Cloning Repositories
- Command Composition, Storage and Hashes
- Branches
- Remotes
- Tagging
- Merging
- Rebasing
- Undo and Bonus Tips

We can learn from Git docs and etc, However McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git Video is great option for Git learning. We'll learn in detail how each of Git's new terms and commands works in practice. This video will help us know more... to use Git.

By the way, They explained something what we should know for using Git... step-by-step, idea to idea and practice to practice. This video teaches from basic to immediate, so if we don't know about Git, This video can help.

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