Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell

Tim O'Reilly is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, Inc., thought by many to be the best computer book publisher in the world. Over the years, Tim has built a culture where sustainable innovation is a key tenet of business philosophy. His active engagement with technology communities both drives the company's product development and informs its marketing.

Many people in technology world know about him. I mention the essays what contains about ...(Discuss paradigm shifts in technology, The future of online publishing, The way he approaches business). Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell Collected Writings of the Founder of O'Reilly Media, Inc. By O'Reilly Media, Inc.

What do we see in the essays? Download & Read It... It's Free and more values.
If we are someone who would like to know/interest about Tim's Thought(or His Success), I believe the essays(Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell) is the helpful in our thought. We will see three Parts(On Technology, On Publishing, On Business and Life).

We will get valuable insight into the mind of the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media. Tim O'Reilly in a Nutshell is a collection of Tim's most thought-provoking pieces about technology, the publishing business, and life.

Some Idea what I interest (He talked about what he has thought of O'Reilly Media):
I don’t think of O’Reilly as a publishing company. I see it rather as a point of leverage between the skills and interests of its employees, and opportunities for applying those skills out in the world. Right now, because of our history, those opportunities are chiefly in publishing, but that need not always be the case. I hope to branch out increasingly into other areas, led by employee interests, and as we can make those areas work as self-sustaining businesses.
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