Tuesday, June 14, 2011

adrci - Package Critical Error Diagnostic Information

If you use Oracle 11g, you will know Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR). When you see "incident" in alert log, You can pack it and upload to Oracle Support.
Example: create package file.
adrci> show problem

ADR Home = /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/orcl/orcl3:
-------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ----------------------------------------
1 ORA 32701 32281 2011-06-01 19:31:56.301000 +07:00
2 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 34642 2011-06-14 02:02:26.584000 +07:00
2 rows fetched

adrci> show incident -p "problem_key='ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3]'"

ADR Home = /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/orcl/orcl3:
-------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
34833 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 2011-06-14 00:54:59.631000 +07:00
32969 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 2011-06-14 01:19:39.408000 +07:00
34641 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 2011-06-14 01:30:43.216000 +07:00
33153 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 2011-06-14 01:51:30.284000 +07:00
34642 ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] 2011-06-14 02:02:26.584000 +07:00
5 rows fetched

adrci> ips pack problemkey "ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3]" in /tmp
Generated package 3 in file /tmp/ORA600kts_20110614023123_COM_1.zip, mode complete
Then upload Package file to Oracle Support.

IPS PACK (Oracle Support - ID 443529.1):
ips pack problem 100 in /tmp
--Generates the package for the problem id 100 in /tmp

ips pack incident 6439 in /tmp
--Generates the package for the incident id 6439 in /tmp

ips pack problemkey "ORA 1578"
--Generates the package for the problem with the problem_key 'ORA 1578'

ips pack seconds 8
--Generates the package with the incidents occured in last 8 seconds.

ips pack time '2007-05-01 10:00:00.00' to '2007-05-01 23:00:00.00'
--Generates the package with the incidents occured between the times '2007-05-01 10:00:00.00' and '2007-05-01 23:00:00.00'

From above example, then use "ips pack problem"
adrci> ips pack problem 2 in /tmp
Generated package 4 in file /tmp/ORA600kts_20110614032244_COM_1.zip, mode complete
That is example for package by using "adrci", If you read this post, because "ORA 600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3]" - This is bug!!!
10137834 (Fixed ORA-600 running DBMS_XDB.MOVEXDB_TABLESPACE.
9456964 (Fixed OERI[kcbnew_3] after shrinking an IOT and reusing the blocks freed by shrink.

I found it on (HEAP TABLE) - OK.. you can see it on RAC(After shrinking).
Workaround: Use "alter system flush buffer_cache" to clear the blocks from the cache(it may help).

Good Luck!!!


Anonymous said...


I'm suffering from this ORA-00600 [ktsfbfmt:objdchk_kcbnew_3] as well but I'm not entirely sure if I understand you right. Do you mean you were able to solve this issue using "alter system flush buffer_cache"?


Anonymous said...


I'm suffering from this ORA00600 [ktspfmdb:objdchk_kcbnew_3] as well and I'm not entirely sure I understand your post correctly. Do you mean you were able to workaround the error using "alter system flush buffer-cache"?


Surachart Opun said...

Just workaround by Flushed Buffer Cache. However, you should open CR.