Saturday, August 27, 2011

Deploying OpenStack by Ken Pepple

I believe many people knew about Cloud Computing or heard Rackspace Cloud or Amazon Web Services. If you are looking open source software for building private and public clouds. OpenStack!!! What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. The project aims to deliver solutions for all types of clouds by being simple to implement, massively scalable, and feature rich. The technology consists of a series of interrelated projects delivering various components for a cloud infrastructure solution. You can read more.

If you want to learn or deploy OpenStack. You can find out on this link.
However, You want to save time, you can check this book - "Deploying OpenStack Creating Open Source Clouds" book by Ken Pepple. This book shows you how to obtain and deploy OpenStack software in a few controlled scenarios.
- Learn about OpenStack Compute (known as “Nova”), OpenStack Object Store ("Swift"), and OpenStack Image Service ("Glance")
- Understand common pitfalls in architecting, deploying, and implementing your cloud infrastructure with OpenStack
- Determine which version of the OpenStack code base best suits your deployment needs
- Define your deployment scenario and finalize key design choices
- Install Nova on a single node with either the StackOps distro or an Ubuntu package
- Be familiar with important configuration options and important administrative commands

You will learn Logical Architecture about Swift, Glance and Nova. It's easy to understand. You will see planning, installing, Using and administering Nova. When you read this book, you will be able understand What the OpenStack Project and projects within OpenStack? I mean Swift/Glance/Nova. After you read it, you should be able to install Nova by using StackOps or install Nova from Packages.

In book, Author used pictures to explain about Architecture and Planning Installation, that's useful easy to understand for readers.

About Ken Pepple
Ken currently serves as the Director of Cloud Development at Internap, where he leads the engineering of their OpenStack-based cloud service. Previously, he held technical leadership positions at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, including Chief Technologist for their Systems Line of Business and Technical Director for their Asia Pacific consulting organization. You can contact Ken and see his current work at his blog (

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