Wednesday, August 10, 2011

OTN APAC Tour 2011 : Bangkok, Thailand

I saw a post on OUGTH website about OTN APAC Tour 2011.
Thailand -> China -> Philippines -> New Zealand -> Australia
I excites with this conference. I believe this conference benefits with OUGTH memberships and someone who attends this conference. I have worked with IT over 9 years in Thailand . I have never seen about the Conference like this.
Thank You Francisco Munoz Alvarez and Oracle Corporation for organized OTN APAC Tour 2011 and Thank You speakers. I excites very much with Speakers.
- Tom Kyte
- Daniel Morgan
- Chris Muir
- Murali Vallath
- Kuassi Mensah
- Edward Roske
- Debra Lilley
- Kai Yu
- Francisco Munoz Alvarez
- ...
Finally, Thank You Sanivipa Pornpermsook(OUGTH). She is working hard to organize this conference.


Sebastián D'Alessandro said...

Very nice Tour! Enjoy it

rahul said...

love to read this and thank you so much for sharing with us...!! Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area of Thailand with lots of wonderful places and lovely people there is something for anyone you love to spend some honey time there cheap flights to Bangkok is available for everyone ...enjoy